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Each of our sites (1) provide clean water out of the ocean for free for the community, (2) have a palapa to meet and worship God under and (3) world class skate bowl located by epic surf. We hope this serves you well.

Welcome to O C N W T R - we play in the ocean & help people drink it!

DAILY INVITATION We invite you to read the bible with us everyday by reading the entire bible in 1 year. Currently we have 53 people reading the bible daily with us. We invite you to join us HERE

WEEKLY INVITATION We invite you to lead a small group. Our small groups read the 1 year bible together and use the daily reading for their bible study curriculum. We ask 3 questions in every small group (1) What did you hear? (2) What are you facing? (3) What do you need? The Bible, authenticity and honesty are hallmarks of our groups. All you need to lead a group is the COURAGE to put together a group text and start one! We currently have 5 different groups if you are interested in participating or starting one click HERE

MONTHLY INVITATION we invite you the 1st Tuesday of each month to join us from 5pm-8pm for Taco Tuesday in San Clemente and Papusa Party in Palmarcito. We eat together from 5pm-7pm with no agenda and from 7pm-8pm we Worship and get into God’s word together. (O C N W T R Church does not meet in a large group on the weekends

ANNUAL INVITATION We invite you to plan on going on one of our trips to Build O C N W T R and Launch New O C N W T R Churches in other countries HERE

ETERNAL INVITATION We invite you to follow Jesus everyday here on earth and ask Him to be the person you live for and the person you follow here on earth so that you can have an eternity in Heaven. Just pray - God I want to follow you and live for you everyday. I want to do the things that please you not the things that please me. Your will not my will. God I give you my life! That’s it.

We currently meet in California, El Salvador & Puerto Rico. Fill out our contact form for more info.


Dr. Ryan Delamater - Founder & Pastor