This is not an exhaustive list of tools to grow with but my experience in the past 30 years has taught me that a simple list of easy to use daily tools is what helps us grow spiritually.  

1. 1 Year Bible - The Bible is God’s word. Reading it, Hearing it & Doing it are how we grow spiritually. We recommend that you read the entire bible each year as it is important to hear every word of God every year of your life. The Bible App on your smart phone makes it easier than ever to follow a simple plan to read the entire bible in a year and it takes about 15 minutes a day. Click here to join 35 of us who are currently reading the 1 Year Bible Together on a daily basis

2. Joining a Small Group - this is where we develop relationships, study the bible, pray for each other, have food together, live life together. Click here to fill out a form and we will find you a group within 24 hours.

3. Youtube Worship Sets - we recommend you listen to worship music through out the day. Click here for a few of our favorite worship lists. You can scroll through and find one you like

4. Journaling and Prayer Lists. Developing a routine for writing down what is going on in your heart ad talking to God about your life develops the foundation for a solid prayer list. A prayer list is a list of things that are private that you talk with God about. As you see God answer your prayers your faith grows and your trust in God deepens. Click here for some examples.

5. Tithing. The Bible teaches is to give 10% of our earned income to the local church. This is an issue of trust. God says He can do more with our 90% than we can do with our 100%. This game of trust lasts our entire lives. It’s the only place in the bible where God say “Test Me.” So we encourage you to “Test God” in this. The stories you will live out will be incredible. Tithing build your trust and faith in God with the most sensitive part of your life - your money. Click here to begin tithing at O C N W T R.

6. Going on a Missions Trip to one of our O C N W T R Locations. Nothing will help develop your mindset quite like cross cultural service and learning will. The investment of your time and capital in a foreign context accelerates and deepens your spiritual growth like nothing else. We have sent 112 people on trips in the past 5 years and nothing has helped our people grow more than these trips. Click here if interested and we will contact you within 24 hours.