Thank you so much for giving to Ride4water. You giving enables us to give clean water to families who need it. PHILOSOPHY

We ask people to give $5 a month to Ride4water because the average person gives about $100. We would rather have this gift spread out on a monthly basis and have people stay apart of this WATER conversation. When you sign up to support Ride4water you also see this statement as part of your bills each month. We want this. We want your attention and your involvement because over 1 billion people do not have access to quality drinking water. This problem is not going away. In fact its getting worse. When we choose to give $5 your are saying I want to support your work and I want to be involved in this conversation.

We DON'T want people to give us money 1 time a year and never think about people needing clean water the other 364 days a year. We want you along with an army of others to support us on a small scale and join this conversation.

Small amounts can make a compounding difference and a small conversation can become a big one each time a new voice joins the discussion.

To give $5 a month you may do so HERE


2014 Income (As of August 2014) $3933 Fundraising

$65 monthly reoccuring contributions

$600 Apparel Sales




2014 Monthly Expenses

$99 Stay Classy

$10 Big Cartel

$7 Go Daddy Web Services

$75 Marketing Director


$191 A MONTH

We have currently raised $65 out of $191 a month. To donate towards this you may do so HERE

Upcoming Expenses for 2014

El Salvador Water Filtration Systems $1000


2014 marks the year we became a 501C3 so as of August 2014 we are putting all of our finances online. This will be updated monthly. It is our goal to run a 100% transparent organization guided by principles found on Charity Navigator. Thank you for your time.


Ride4water Board

Ryan Delamater-Founder/President

Chad Furlong-Vice Chairman

Mark Bell-Secretary

Rick Dunn-Treasurer