IT ALL BEGAN WITH A 10,000 MILE bicycle ride ...


O C N W T R began as Dr. Ryan Delamater rides his bicycle (Ride4water) from the scenic wilds of the Canadian backwoods to the tropical highlands of South America. Going through a divorce and totally depressed he sets out on this bicycle ride to heal and try to find his way. As he rides he learns that people don't have clean water in a little village in El Salvador and starts taking surf trips there with his friends to help. They forge lifelong friendships with Mapache, Tiola, Papo, Gato, Doreen & Francisco.

They decide to install an Ocean Based Clean Water Platform that will distribute 360 Gallons of clean drinking water a day from the Ocean. This is enough water for 2000 people a day in Palmarcito and the surrounding areas. This system helps start a local church with Paco and Tessi Morales where people eat papusas, surf, skate, drink coffee ,have a lot of clean water to drink & help people spread the shred.

In 2019 Dr. Ryan & Maria Delamater along with Paco & Tessi Morales decide to start O C N W T R. They have plans to take the lessons they have learned together through their work in Palmarcito Church Planting and Doing Clean Water Work in the beach culture and scale it globally. They go to Rincon, Puerto Rico in March 2020.

The best is yet to come.